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Why Blog? Blogging is one of the most powerful tools we have in Internet marketing to:

  • Increase Google PR (PageRank) by including keywords and phrases in anchor text, Meta Tags, and web copy
  • Establish yourselves as industry experts - explain the differences in certain products and which applications they would be the most suitable for
  • Share industry news, upcoming events, and to create learning centers
  • Provide fresh content to your website and rss subscribers giving them a reason to visit the site (the more often they come back the more they will learn to know and trust you, and increases the opportunity to make the sale)

There is an entire series of blog posts dedicated to effective blogging techniques if you would like to have some more insight on the subject. WSM’s integrated News/Blog feature behaves like the site pages and can be SEO optimized and integrated seamlessly into your website.

The best way to suggest products without people knowing is by providing content of value. An integrated News/Blog feature is one of the best tools available to create informative, interesting content.


Selling a new product line? Tell your customers about it here!

Announce a new product line or tell your customers about new parts available for the latest vehicles to hit the market. Let your customers know your ability to ship quickly can get the parts they are looking for in their hands NOW!


Annual Customer Appreciation Day & Car Show? Announce it here!

Use this area to talk about upcoming events either at your store or shows you may have a product display at. Use your News area to talk to your customers regularly!