It's no secret that search engine results have become the lifeblood of buying decisions when it comes to almost everything involving automotive eCommerce and online interactions in general. As a result, the need for businesses to not only understand, but master the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has increased dramatically. At first this seemed like a giant hurdle to anyone venturing into the world of online business, but as technology advanced and Google improved the algorithms involved in indexing websites, it has become extremely valuable. Now that Google is so detailed and precise, it has become very common for users to engage in “Local Searches.” Simply put, it is much more common for someone’s search query to look something like this: “San Diego transmission service shop”, rather than: “automotive repair”. 

What does this mean? Searches have become significantly more targeted, and smaller businesses can reap substantial benefits from understanding how to rise up in their local search rankings!

Master Local Search Marketing Strategies & Sell More Automotive Parts!

SEO practices are by no means an easy thing to master. It is an ongoing battle; kind of like target practice, but the target is always moving. There is no one step, quick solution that will put you on the first page of Google for an automotive service query and keep you there. This is especially true in large industries like automotive parts & accessories. With that being said, there are some things you can regularly do that will vastly improve your visibility when it comes to local search marketing strategies.

  1. Optimize your web pages specifically for local search. Getting your website to show up on the first page for local search in your industry involves very similar strategies to improving page rank in general, but there are also some extraneous steps that should be taken in order to improve results. For example, try adding your city name in conjunction with valuable keywords throughout site pages. So instead of “automotive parts & accessories,” you could replace it with “automotive parts & accessories in Dallas.” Learn more about locally optimized pages that come with all new eStore Local websites!
  2. Utilize local search directories. Get your business address out there! Websites like Google’s Local Business Center and Yahoo’s Local Listings are extremely valuable when it comes to ranking locally. Many smaller scale websites pull their information from, so be absolutely certain that your company’s information on the site is accurate. Also, don’t forget to make sure all your information is current on Google Maps!
  3. Pay attention to ratings & reviews. A lot of directory websites have expanded the amount of detail in the information they offer, such as Yelp. Not only do these sites provide information on local businesses, they also have the option for people to leave ratings & reviews. Get proactive about collecting testimonials and encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews on these sites!

Competing in the rankings of Google using local search marketing strategies is one of the most effective ways to boost conversions for your local automotive repair or performance business. While it isn’t always possible to compete with the big boys on a large scale, it is often times very likely that you will be able to rank locally with enough effort. Don’t waste any time; get optimized site pages that include your city name and business addres with eStore Local, get active in local search directories, and be proactive in maintaining a good reputation on rating & review sites. There are thousands of people in your local city just waiting to discover your local automotive website!


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