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DCi has become the leader in business-to-business communications solutions "connecting buyers and sellers" in the automotive aftermarket. We have solutions for independent retailers wanting to expand their sales, for manufacturers marketing through the aftermarket's complex distribution channels, and for distributors competing in a rapidly-changing world.

This free industry service, free to qualified reseller outlets, is the modern replacement for the paper catalog rack on the sales counter. Used by over 7,400 aftermarket resellers to answer consumer questions on the sales counter, instantly look up product information, locate inventory in real-time and close the sale.

Electronic Cataloging
Since 1997 DCi has been the leader in electronic cataloging in the automotive aftermarket. In fact, DCi helped establish many of the industry data standards as well as the proprietary data standards used by many major resellers. Today DCi delivers product data and enhanced product content to every channel of distribution, reaching thousands of resellers and millions of consumers.
Today DCi has solutions to help manufacturers, distributors and independent retailers sell online using enhanced product content to drive turnkey online stores

Print and Direct Marketing
This division was the basis of the original company. We enabled manufacturers to move catalogs, price sheets and other printed collateral materials in a cost-effective manner. This led us into the printing business, as we help manufacturers cut printing costs and turnaround time.

When interactive voice response telephony technologies were first introduced, DCi developed telemedia services. DCi helps manufacturers link consumers to local retail outlets through its DealerQuikSM service. Specialty automotive manufacturers like Edelbrock, Warn, Dee Zee and Lund are just a few of the aftermarket brands using DealerQuik. This service also helps manufacturers measure media effectiveness, with various reports tracking each call.
i-DealerQuikSM, a companion service, integrates a look-up process with the manufacturer's website. In addition, it turns the process into a 1-on-1 marketing tool by including an opt-in mail and e-mail consumer database. Recognizing that manufacturers in other industries could use these solutions, a special sales group now provides telephony solutions for non-automotive manufacturers, TV show producers and magazine publishers.

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