DCi eStore Local - Why eStore Local

You need a strong online presence to drive in-store sales. DCI's technology and online experience is the best way to get there.

Capture Local Traffic

Capture Local Traffic

Forrester reports that 80% of customers research products online, but 75% still prefer to buy in a store. With our automotive retail websites, buyers can search through hundreds of leading brands by year/make/model, product category, manufacturer, or parts number. Your website showcases your expertise and service, driving buyers to your store.

Boost in-Store Traffic and Revenue

Boost in-Store Traffic and Revenue

Unlike pure eCommerce sites that only sell parts, your automotive retail site will help visitors make complex purchases from your local store by providing the critical in-store guidance, expertise, and installation services most buyers require. Capture local auto parts and brand searches with SEO and locally-optimized product pages that rank on Google Local and Bing Local.

Automotive Aftermarket Expertise

The automotive parts business is all we do. When we build your website you don't have to explain what a "carburetor" is. We know what a website for a parts store should look like, what it should do, and how your customers would use it.

Complete Product Data

Complete Product Data

An eStore Local website from us comes with complete product data. That means description, dimensions, photos, year/make/model fitment information, part numbers, suggested retail prices, plus you can set your own prices. You can pick from hundreds of leading brands and literally millions of part numbers. Compare that with the time it would take to research and write your own information and keep it updated each week.

Use iPad Kiosks to capture add-on sales from customers are in your waiting area.

Use iPad Kiosks

The iPad Kiosk lets you put all the products you sell directly in front of your customers while they are in your place of business. Take advantage of an interested and captive audience and get ready for those increased sales!

  • Shows thousands of special order products that fit the customer's vehicle.
  • Recommends related parts to increase add-on sales.

Use Big Monitors for selling non-stocked parts

Use Big Monitors

Combine eStoreLocal with Big Screens and turn your in-store shopping experience into a competitive sales advantage over online etailers. Online leaves the shopper stuck with trying to make a purchase decision confined to a 2 INCH product photo. With a BIG screen, product photos in your store can be enlarged to 2 FEET utilizing DCi's ‘eStore Local’ photo enlargement software. This allows you to close the sale of NON-stocked items more easily than ever before.

Your Website Will Be Running Quickly

You may be surprised at how quickly your own website will be up and running. (Since automotive is all we do, we think in terms of 0-60 mph in a few seconds. We like things that are fast.) If you've been thinking for awhile about having a website, or maybe you've been waiting on someone to finish yours, give us a call.

Complete Product Data

Complete Product Data

CatalogRack.com is the modern replacement for the catalog rack and lets you quickly find parts by description, by year/make/model or by brand. Over 7,400 retailers use it on the sales counter to close more sales. If you've ever used CatalogRack.com then you've used the data engine that drives your own eStore Local website.

Looking For a Complete Online Store with Shopping Cart?

Look at our CatalogRackeStore.com site