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DCi is the smartest way to build the right online presence for driving in-store sales.

Auto parts consumers are searching globally and buying locally. Before buying at a local store, most buyers research products on the internet. For “brick & mortar" auto parts stores, a locally-optimized website is a great way to boost in-store traffic and sales.



We’ve built, or helped build, or supplied data to the best websites in the automotive industry. Our partner to build your website is Web Shop Manager, an industry-leading pioneer in automotive website functionality and development, marketing. Web Shop Manager has worked with over 300 automotive businesses over the past 12 years.

Personal Help

You'll work with real people here at DCi. We aren't a faceless web service and we're not going to have you download a bunch of manuals you have to figure out on your own. Many store owners who come to us are already frustrated with solutions that haven't worked so one of our goals is to take away your frustration and replace it with a working website.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing

eCommerce is threatening local retail. To capture online buyers and build a strong local buyer community you need a strong local presence. Use our locally optimized brand pages and locally marketing to drive qualified traffic to your site that turn into retail customers. We integrate the right marketing package into your website to ensure the long term success of your retail business.

The CatalogRack/DCi Team Combined with the Web Shop Manager Team

Between our database experts, our programmers, and the industry-leading developers we work with like Web Design Solutions, there are dozens of people working for you, behind the scenes.

Looking For a Complete Online Store with Shopping Cart?

Look at our CatalogRackeStore.com site

About Web Shop Manager™ (WSM)

Web Shop Manager’s 'no man left behind' philosophy ensures that the best solution can also be the simplest. WSM is a comprehensive Content Management System designed to help your business thrive. WSM ensures that you have the tools and training necessary to get behind the wheel and take control of your website from site pages, to inquiry forms. To learn more about www.webshopmanager.com and putting the best Content Management System to work for your company, please follow the link.