By now it’s almost impossible to be unaware of the power and influence that Facebook has over our society. You would be hard pressed to go an entire day without seeing something about it or hearing it mentioned in passing. When anything is that ingrained into a society or culture, the ability to advertise through it and reach the masses becomes obvious. In 2011, about 52% of the US population had an active Facebook account, and that number isn’t going anywhere but up! If you can learn to effectively leverage it to your advantage by offering users engaging, quality content, you can drive local traffic to your automotive parts & accessories shop with ease.

Facebook profiles are more detailed than many of the other social media outlets. They allow users to provide videos, photos, and extremely detailed descriptions. To an automotive parts & accessories store owner trying to drive traffic to his website this should point to one thing: opportunity. All of these features provide an increased chance for interactivity between you and your followers. In a web-based setting, the value of that opportunity cannot be understated. With so many competitors online, and with so little to separate them in the eyes of the consumer, interactivity levels can often times be the difference. Facebook can subtly promote your website in real-time and brings customers in. Here are 5 quick tips to help you start utilizing Facebook in a way that will drive local traffic to your auto part shop:

5 Quick & Easy Tips to Utilize Facebook for Local Traffic

  1. Start a conversation. Engaging your audience on a deeper level than simply advertising to them is a fantastic way to improve overall visibility. Something that may only take a few minutes of your time can have a lasting impact on driving local traffic to your automotive accessory shop. For example, if you specialize in automotive customization, post a picture of your latest work asking people what they think! This can start a conversation on your page and give you the opportunity to not only reach more people, but engage them on a more personal level. Remember not to post a conversation starter and then disappear; being a part of it yourself will be much more effective to your goals.

  2. Become a part of the community. The key to advertising effectively on any online community is actively becoming a real member of it. People are very wary about companies taking advantage of services they enjoy for the sole purpose of selling them a product, and you don’t want to leave a bad impression, especially on Facebook. Instead of only posting information about what you’re selling, post cool pictures and videos that you think your audience would find interesting. When someone comments on your page, write a comment back! Be engaging and funny, and you will humanize yourself to potential customers. People will begin to share your company with others if they see you as more than just another business, but real people that they can trust.

  3. Post promotional offers! Nothing grabs peoples’ attention quite like a special offer does. Include location specific information in these offers so that users can recognize that you are connected with their location. Fans of your page may have never taken the time to look into all of your company’s info, so a promotional offer with location specific details may be just what they needed to realize you’re right around the corner! It can also be beneficial to make these offers “walk-in” promotions to give users incentive to visit your retail location.

  4. Use local keywords on your Facebook page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts have always advocated the importance of using targeted keywords effectively on your website. It’s no different for Social Media SEO! If you are an automotive parts retailer located in San Diego, then litter that phrase throughout your Facebook page. Whenever you’re interacting with your fan base you should use local keywords as well. Don’t overdo it and make your content seem insincere, but using this strategy can lead to your Facebook page ranking well for targeted local searches.

  5. Become friends with other local businesses. This doesn’t mean you have to befriend all of your competitors on Facebook. However, local businesses make up a very large percentage of the fan pages that are currently up and running. There is a very good chance that you will be able to find popular businesses in your area, and if you do it can be beneficial for both parties to befriend each other. By using this strategy, there is a good chance you will show up in the “you may also like” section for fans of that company, and vice versa! It is a mutually beneficial situation that may lead to people discovering your company and visiting your website.